In late 2010, Hoss published his first house music production tutorial video, which has now been viewed over 241,000 times. In this tutorial, he explains most of the elements required to make a basic House/Electronic track.

The VST software and hardware he used were Guru for drums, Sylenth, Massive as well as Korg Triton. As noted, Hoss also used a number of samples including some from the Vengeance library.

Remember, there are no rules to making good music. All the methods explained in this video are techniques that Hoss uses and has learned over the years. Please keep in mind this house music production tutorial video was made a few years ago and as we leap into future, technology changes. So today there might be much better sounding VSTs and plugins out there. Be sure to check out what’s recent in the marketplace.

The vocals on the track used in this tutorial video were experimental and did not end up on the final track. The song is called “Kick It” and ended up being released on Hoss’ “Off The Richter” album in 2012. Check it out on iTunes and be sure to visit Hoss’s YouTube page for more videos and tutorials!