Hoss is a versatile artist who wears multiple hats as a Music Producer, DJ, Multi-Instrumentalist and the founder & creative force behind Funktasy – Record Label & Magazine.


Hoss embarked on his musical journey in 2010, making an impactful debut with his first EP, Without You, and the establishment of Funktasy Records, a milestone that set the stage for his remarkable career.

Hoss is a prolific artist with a vast music catalog, boasting over 150 original tracks, either as solo releases or in collaboration with a diverse array of fellow musicians. His creative process is marked by a desire for complete creative control, from the initial composition to the final touches of mixing and mastering. This meticulous approach is a testament to his unwavering commitment to achieving the perfect sound. Hoss’s music is a fascinating blend of vintage analogue technology and cutting-edge digital innovation, reflecting his deep-rooted passion for both worlds of sonic artistry. His love for a wide spectrum of musical styles, ranging from dance, house, and hip hop to flamenco, rock, and blues, is vividly apparent in his musical output, enriching his compositions with a unique and eclectic flavor.

Hoss’s anthems are in heavy rotation, gracing the playlists of internationally acclaimed DJs across the globe. His music enjoys uninterrupted airtime on prestigious radio stations worldwide, including prominent channels like Canada’s Virgin Radio, Italy 105, Miami 105, Hot Jams Netherlands, NRG USA, and Lite Puerto Rico. These radio airwaves serve as a sonic showcase for his signature sounds and unparalleled production skills. With each track, he leaves an indelible mark on the music landscape, solidifying his position as a visionary artist.

As a remixer, Hoss’s portfolio shines with an array of original and bootleg remixes that include iconic tracks by legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Prince, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, and Queen. Furthermore, Hoss’s role extends beyond that of a prolific producer and songwriter. As the visionary mastermind behind every release under his esteemed label, Funktasy, he is intimately involved in every facet of the creative process. From fine-tuning productions to providing invaluable artist guidance, Hoss ensures that each track bears his unmistakable mark of excellence.


Taking to the stage as a DJ, Hoss has graced hundreds of shows across Canada, effortlessly traversing various House-rooted styles – from electrifying festival stages to intimate private events. His sets are a testament to his eclectic taste and unwavering passion for music.

Hoss has crafted a signature sound that’s genuine, energetic, melodic, and irresistibly captivating. With a wealth of experience in performances across various venues, Hoss brings his unique style to audiences worldwide.

His sets are a musical journey encompassing House, Tech House, Dance, and the occasional surprise of old-school Hip Hop. Hoss’s live remixing of tracks on the fly and harnessing his producer skills to craft impromptu plus his percussion talents add a dynamic dimension to his performances.

Hoss’s exceptional DJ sets spotlight his dynamic fusion of live drums and percussion, a feature prominently displayed during his special performances. As a passionate percussionist & multi-instrumentalist, Hoss infuses his performances with live hand drums and percussion that never fail to electrify the audience. His expertise extends across a diverse range of percussion styles, from Latin to Middle Eastern, making him a true master of this art form.

Hoss has an innate ability to connect with the crowd, delivering an unforgettable musical experience every time. Hoss is your sonic trailblazer, ready to transport you to the heart of the music.


The Director of all things Funktasy, Hoss founded the brand as a Record Label in 2010. In 2017, he expanded his creative horizons by launching Funktasy Magazine, a global platform seamlessly blending music and fashion, captivating audiences worldwide.

Today, Funktasy Records stands proud as one of Canada’s largest independent labels, with a focus on bringing domestic and international artists to the mainstream, while Funktasy Magazine not only showcases captivating interviews with industry A-list artists but also pays homage to the realms of music and fashion – a testament to Hoss’s commitment to the entertainment industry.


Hoss continues to push boundaries in the world of music and beyond, showcasing a remarkable ability to evolve and redefine artistic expression. His open and idealistic vision of life is translated into his music, where his heart-pounding rhythms and ingenious melodies create a unique groove. Hoss’s style is characterized by his ability to combine new sounds and innovative beats, which, coupled with his multi-instrumentalism and avid production skills, leads him to a higher level of ingenuity. This freedom allows him to generate a mixture of musical flavors, resulting in a progressive and unique sound that propels Hoss into the charts. Explore the world of Hoss and experience the magic of his music, where innovation knows no bounds.